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Campaign / PRWeek
Contact: Debbie Jenner
Email: debbie.jenner@haymarket.com
Telephone: 020 8267 4524

Third Sector
Contact: Neil Johnston
Email: neil.johnston@haymarket.com
Telephone: 020 8267 4232

The ENDS Report / Windpower Monthly
Contact: Daniel Keogh
Email: daniel.keogh@haymarket.com
Telephone: 020 8267 8104

Planning Magazine 
Contact: Eluned Allen
Email: dcs@haymarket.com
Telephone: 01452 835 838

Horticulture Week
Contact: Jessica Hammond
Email: jessica.hammond@haymarket.com
Telephone: 020 8267 8118

MIMS Drug Search
Contact: Alice French
Email: alice.french@haymarket.com
Telephone: 020 8267 4836