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C&IT GDPR Digital Report
C&IT GDPR Digital Report
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C&IT has teamed up with leading GDPR experts to conduct in-depth digital report looking into the myths behind GDPR, what it means for the industry and where we are now with the new legislation. On the twentieth anniversary of Permission Marketing, the EU has decided to write the basic principles into law. 2018 is witnessing the biggest change in data protection and privacy but what will happen after D-day has come?  

This detailed digital report will look at the implications of GDPR while cutting through the noise when it comes to GDPR myths. It will also answer many of the most pertinent questions the sector faces and will help you navigate through the GDPR storm that's ongoing.

The digital report covers:

  • 5 myths of GDPR
  • What the professionals think
  • Sector debrief:
    • Agency
    • Corporate
    • Association
    • Venue
  • A word from a barrister
  • What legitimate interest and consent mean under GDPR
  • 7 lessons to take away to be GDPR compliant

Plus each area of the MICE industry (Corporate, Association, Agency and Supplier) will have examples of what they should be doing to stay compliant.

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